Home staging project

My client had asked my help for some ideas to style her living room for a future sales. We worked together to identify simple ways to spruce up the room and make it more welcoming. The whole family then asked for their room to be redone, and what started as a one room project ended up being a full house home staging.

Living room – Before and after

This living room was a bit of a mix and match of styles, clashing purchases and taste between Mrs and from Mr. The idea was to bring that all together and add cosiness, personality and softness to the room. I used the lights, a rug and tables already available in other rooms, and by adding soft furnishing and lots of small decorative accessories, aimed at making the room more welcoming. The rattan pendant light and the clustered pictures on the wall added the statement to give the room personality. All very simple changes but that made a difference!

Hallway – Before and after

This entrance hallway was unable to welcome a console table, as the client needed to keep her storage bench. A nice mirror, cushions, plants and some new pendant lights did the trick to give it some style and feel more welcoming than practical.

Bedroom – Before and after

This bedroom was functional but clearly needed to be given cosiness, personality and softness. A large NY picture moved from another room, a cow skin pouf and plant to style the existing mirror, a dark blue velvet bedspread and cushions, a soft wool rug, light patterned curtains and a stunning black pendant light, did the trick to give it style, character and instantly feel more welcoming! A mix of Scandinavian and industrial style that my client was keen to have.