Bathroom renovation projects


Time to share another before and after of my designer’s projects. Below a bathroom project I recently did where my client wanted in this tiny space, a walk-in bathtub for her older days. An interesting challenge to integrate a rather senior feature while still making the room stylish and pretty.

In order to make the most of this tiny room, the space layout was entirely re-designed to welcome a small walk-in bathtub, in place of the old shower and shelving space at the far end, the toilet was turned to face the door and thus free some space, and the electric radiator was replaced by a flat wall-mounted one. The house being a Victorian period house, light hues of grey andsome traditional floor tiling was chosen to marry an antique mirror.

In this other interior design project, the terracotta wall and framed mirror, allied with the grey tones of the cabinets, bespoke built to hide the boiler, have given this bathroom a real personality. The tiles weren’t changed but simply covered with sticker tiles from @bleucoin.official, and the flooring changed from linoleum to solid wood. It now feels cosy and stylish.