Classic interiors for an Edwardian home

This property which used to be my client mother’s house was very out of date. Emotionally attached to this home, the owner wanted to have it re-designed to be able to live in it, now that her mother had passed away. The main challenge was to declutter the property of furniture accumulated by her mother, keeping as many souvenirs as possible, while incorporating most of my client’s furniture and objects, in order to make it her own. A classic style was chosen for this property, not only to match my client’s existing pieces, but also her age and taste. A real collector of mirrors, clocks and furniture bought over the years at auctions, the idea was to modernise the style through colours, and new soft furnishing, additional storage, as well as new flooring, to give this Edwardian property a new life and my client a new home to cherish.

Full house Interior Design Services budget: £5,000;
Furnishing & materials budget: £10,000

The kitchen

The living room