Teenagers and youngster’s bedroom redesigns

This client’s 3 children’s bedroom needed an upgrade as all had grown up into either a teenager or a young woman or man. A fun project to work on!

13 year old girl’s bedroom

Have a look at this newly redecorated teenage girl’s bedroom. I had to take into consideration the red and black as preferred colours (not easy!) with some really loved posters of Star Wars. Keeping the room cute and feminine for that 13 years old, without falling in the girly stereotype was crucial. I incorporated the black request by using two old bed headboards, painting them with black board paint and setting them as a background against the wall. Perfect to leave little chalk pen messages!


21 year old girl’s bedroom

From a messy semi dark loft bedroom to an airy and bright one. My client loved it! Watch the before and after on this video:

23 year old boy’s bedroom

And last but not least, my client’s son was back home after 5 years at university, to look for his first job. I was the opportunity to redesign his young boy’s bedroom into a young men’s one. Not a studio per se, but certainly a space for him to chill, work, and enjoy his guitars and music.