Bringing vintage in your interior

Vintage is very trendy today and is one of the interior trends that are set to continue soaring in 2018. For many, vintage equals old, dusty, or out of fashion. But touches of vintage objects and retro shapes in a contemporary interior can bring a lot of style, personality and distinctiveness. Think about it; do you really want your living room to look like everyone else’s?

In my interior design projects, I love sourcing vintage items which either relate to the room being decorated or will reflect the owners’ passions, travels or memories. Associated with more modern features, they will bring that wonderful charm to the room, and most probably prompt discussions with your guest about the origin.

Of course vintage markets or antique shops are the best places to find that unique piece, but more and more can be found on online platforms such as, or even on Facebook Marketplace.

I am an unconditional lover of objects and furniture that carry a history; being French, that’s how I have been brought up after all. So I have brought along with me, in all of my moves around the world, family vintage furniture or ones purchased throughout my travels.

I share below some of the interiors I have designed and in which I have included vintage. Just in case I haven’t fully convinced you yet!