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An ethnic feel in an old farmhouse in Provence

Our latest work involved decorating an old 18th-century farmhouse in Provence. It had just been fully and extremely well renovated a few years before, keeping its original features (stone walls and wooden beams) while adding an industrial twist through the treatment of the doors, flooring and windows.

We just had to add our touch to give it a personality which translated our clients’ life; travellers and citizens of the world. We mixed more contemporary furniture with vintage furniture and objects, as well as items brought back by our clients from places like China and Africa. The atmosphere created is cosy but modern and ethnic.

Discover the entrance, kitchen/dining room, and two living rooms:

A creative journey to define a personal style

Identifying one’s style is an important part of the designer’s process. Let me take you on the journey I went through to identify my style, using my personal reflective journal, that little notebook where I gather loads of ideas, sketches, notes and materials.

I have always enjoyed drawing, collage and arts in crafts in general. So creating a personal reflective journal was an enjoyable process for me, even if it took me some time to get to it, preferring to use social media such as Pinterest to pin my ideas. But putting things on paper, drawing and annotating things is important and much harder to do digitally.

I started by capturing pictures online of things I visually liked, or that evoked a positive emotion. At first, what I gathered was quite eclectic and didn’t show a particular style or theme. So I printed them all, and added to the mix pictures and pages torn from magazines over time, gathering near to 200 of them! What helped me declutter my mind was to first put together a mind map of words that described who I was and what I liked.


That instantly boosted my energy and creative journey. I frantically gathered the pictures by themes and stuck them in a collage format in my PRJ. Creating themes helped me explore colours, textures, styles, patterns. These themes confirmed the mind map initially created and helped me focus on what really was my style.


I realised that my taste was largely influenced by my life and experiences. I lived in many different countries, all very different from each other, and found that I had kept in me small parts of these cultures. These experiences have made me appreciate diversity and probably explain my taste for bringing pieces of the world and ethnicities in my interiors. When you have moved over 20 times in your life, historical or rustic objects and features are a way of reminding you of these important roots, or the places and memories you cherish.  Roots… origins… are important words in this process.

I think that my French origins first plays a big part in my style; I love the grandeur of a room, buildings, antiques, and the “art de vivre” is really important to me. That’s how I was raised.  I also think I have been particularly influenced by two countries. Brazil first, through its exotic and flamboyant colours of the rainforest, the smells that overwhelmed me when I first arrived and the beauty of the painted bodies and traditional costumes of the Amazon tribes. Then Finland, where one is in total communion with nature, the simplicity of the lines in objects and architecture, as well as the natural and authentic way of living. What I also found interesting when living there is that with winters for 5 months, clothing and fabrics are bold and colourful to brighten long and dull winter days. Nature and bold colours have thus clearly become part of my style.

Going through this process has made me synthesise my style in 20 pictures (10% 0f the ones gathered) and identify that it is a blend of all these cultures and travel around the world. While I initially thought my style was eclectic, I now can see it as being a combination of ethnic, rustic and natural.

Personal style A. Eude

Alexandra Eude

Teenage girl bedroom in pastels

A cosy bedroom is important for teenagers. A room where they feel cocooned and secure, while studying, watching TV series or simply relaxing with friends. Pastel colours, loads of cushions on a bed and fairy lights are simple ways to bring that cosy feel to a bedroom. Keep it tidy but fun with practical storage (Ikea shelves) and fixing a simple rod between them and the wall with light white sheer curtains to hide clothes hanging. Add a square frame of black and white BFF pictures to give it that final personalised touch!

Cushions, bed sheets and cover from H&M Home. Shelving units, curtains and baskets from Ikea. Desk – French antique. Desk chair copy of Eames DSW chair.


Redecorating a family home on a low budget

The owners of this lovely cottage in South West London had just moved in and were a little overwhelmed by their recent move, struggling to organise their clothes and toys, and wanting their children and guest to feel at home in their new house as soon as possible.

The budget needed to be reasonable as many rooms required decorating. Many of the decoration items were sourced in local charity shops, Ikea and Homebase. The existing furniture was repainted and placed in different rooms from where they originally were located.

Finally the kitchen was given a modern twist with a black board wall, and some nice framed prints of Italian food, the owners being food lovers and with Italian roots.

The modern reception room was given a South African touch, the owner being a native from there.

Mediterranean feel in South West London

This family home had a wonderful potential for its tenants who were looking to make it more welcoming and cosy on a small budget. From the Mediterranean region, they wanted to bring a bit of their roots to the place.

See the rooms before here.

Belle & Cosy helped create a proper desk space in the dining room/conservatory integrating a stylish office area so that it wouldn’t ruin the inviting dining space. The dining room table and chairs were sanded and painted to give them a second life and a bright and modern look. With a lovely discounted fabric found in a local shop, the chairs’ seats were easily covered. The teal blue combined with oak and whites brought the final Mediterranean touch to the room.

In the library room, which leads to the conservatory, we created a welcoming spot for a nice cup of tea or coffee with friends, linking the two rooms through the teal and white theme. A coffee table was made out of pallets and two Eames armchairs did the trick!

Softness was brought through light white curtains and the Ikea ceiling light. The tenants say they now feel at home!

Revamp your home now to enjoy at the spring season!


Photo: Marie-Claire Maison

Do you need to revamp your property to rent or sell quicker? Do you need advice on a property you just bought that needs work done to it or simply a more personal and functional interior?  At Belle and Cosy , that is our specialty!

Now is the time of the year to start thinking about it, so that coming Spring, you are all set to enjoy the benefits!

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A family home in Mortlake

No shelves, no wardrobes, no colour and hosting a family of 6… this house was tired and hard to organise due to the lack of storage space.

This was a challenging project but with some clever and affordable purchases, some paint decoration and storage added, this home was brought to life. It is now fresh, bright and colourful, with great space to hide away the mess of daily life!

Want to see the before? Click here